Demo songs & jams

Let’s start with very first user made demo song: “Hit It” by Fairlights (Enda Bates, The video lists main features of 6APPEAL, song playing in background.

The performer uses 6APPEAL distortion with pronounced high frequency components. Possible with tonal polyfuzz, more or less impossible with monofuzz.

In the next short demo song Sander Sinijärv improvises with well known Queen theme. The guitar sound is strongly filtered with resonant 2nd order low pass filter (in 6APPEAL stereo output signal path).

Paulo Angeli is an extraordinary musician, playing an extraordinary instrument, still recognisable as guitar. He mainly enjoys 6APPEAL power to have distorted sound just for some strings, leaving other strings sounding clean.  Please notice at 4:35 Paolo switching ON his 6APPEAL:

You may enjoy full concert of Paolo here – it is long, but very enjoyable.

Next Mr Kessu playing Si Bheag Si Mhor theme in Spicetone office. He actually is playing an early prototype of 6APPEAL, but it sounds enough authentic.

Kristel Mägedi is singing in Spicetone lab her own composition “If Your Soul Is Tender”. Lyrics by Latvian poet Eduards Veidenbaums (1867-1892), translation to Estonian by Margus “Contra” Konnula.

“Dancing with Wolves” by our own Rein. Many layered 6APPEAL guitar sounds recorded.

Two more demos by Mr Kessu, playing an early prototype of 6APPEAL:
1. A tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Tuesday’s Gone”)
2. While My Guitar…

Two more demo songs from Kristel Mägedi:
1. “Why My Chest is Full of Hopeless Hopes” – lyrics by Latvian poet Eduards Veidenbaums (1867-1892), translation by Margus “Contra” Konnula
2. “When a Vicious Tempest Tears up Your Life…” – same authors

Finally, something for our die hard fans: 18 min jam by Songwriter Aapo Ilves, experimenting with Godin Multiac Nylon 13pin guitar and 6APPEAL. If no time for full video, please check the beginning to get some idea how hexaphonic nylon string guitar sounds through 6APPEAL.