White Paper

A White Paper about the technology behind Spicetone’s 6APPEAL™ hexaphonic sound processor and its applications can be found here:

Polyphonic Distortion with Multichannel Guitar Pickups (PDF).

You can also read the paper on your Kindle for 99 cents (link).

The documents explains the concept of hexaphonic, polyphonic, multichannel guitar processing. Besides that, real life application examples are made, referring to 6APPEAL effect pedal.

You can find more general information about hex equipment from dedicated website hexaphonic.org, maintained by Matthias Grob.

Along with our white paper, a series of short demo videos have been published in Youtube.

First of the videos demonstrates analog polyfuzz, also called hexaphonic distortion, with a Roland GK-3 divided pickup mounted on the bridge of a Fernandes guitar. The 6APPEAL pedal is used for a panning effect, too:

Second video shows a how to correct the sound of a Roland GK-3 pickup in analog domain. Mounted by guitar’s bridge, it tends to lack lower frequencies, but can be beefed up with analog root boost circuits in 6APPEAL pedal:

Third video demonstrates a Godin “Synth Access” equipped guitar with analog polyfuzz, stereo panning applied in 6APPEAL. A selective amount of drive and dry signal mix, and some modulation is used:

The last video of the series is focused on making and saving a custom preset for the microprocessor controlled 6APPEAL pedal: