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As some wrap up, we summarise here Pros/Cons/Bottom Line from vguitarforum.com Shawn review:


  • Hex distortion – if you love hex distortion you’ll love this unit; it’s what it does…
  • ANALOG distortion circults, full ANALOG path through the device – a very cool rich sound
  • Mono mix – your mag pups add some ooomph to the Hex distortion
  • Two pole (2nd order) low-pass filter – lots of variability in how you roll off your highs
  • Sequencer – a highly configurable slicer effect, up to 24 steps of filter, panning and/or drive settings
  • Spread knobs & “smile” vs “tilt” – a unique idea that allows you to differentiate how the above effects are applied across the 6 strings
  • Envelope – there are 3 ways to define envelopes; hex envelope processing requires external note on/note off generation, e.g., via using an FTP or a GR-55’s MIDI OUT.
  • Small company of dedicated folks – you send in a question and get a rapid response – maybe even from the primary engineer


  • Learning curve & UI
  • Cost

Bottom Line:

  • NONE OF THE DEMOS DO THE SOUND JUSTICE.  This is fully analog hex distortion.   Does anybody else even try to do this?  I dunno…  It’s pretty freaking glorious when dialed in
  • The features are pretty deep.  This mix of deep features & a radically unique approach to a UI means there is a steep learning curve.
  • Those who love exploring new gear & new sounds (like myself) will have a great time with this.  I could easily see pros/techs having fun with this.  Folks who want to zip thru presets will be frustrated – you must adjust settings for your gear.


We have worked on learning curve:

  • Prepared some video tutorials
  • Developed a Mac/PC Editor (can be downloaded for free)
    • With the Editor you can get best of two worlds: easy switching between menus and selections, working with presets and banks, and so on, from Editor side, and get native feel of controlling parameters when rotating sound manipulation knobs in 6APPEAL

We cannot do much with the price, as that kind of high tech analog equipment does not come cheap. We also tried to make no compromises in build quality.

There is something we can improve: the quality of demos and better presets, helping users to get faster off with the device.