Spicetone 6APPEAL is an analog hexaphonic distortion pedal. In other words, a polyfuzz. The effect is more tonal to compare with traditional monophonic distortions, as the effect is applied to signals from every string separately.


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Although you may use the pedal with traditional (monophonic) pickups, it’s primary target is processing signals from hexaphonic pickups. Therefore, for the full performance, your guitar has to be fitted with hexaphonic pickup connected to 6APPEAL by 13pin DIN cable. You may fit your guitar with Roland GK-3 type pickup and buy 13pin DIN cable from us or from music shops. More information about in 6APPEAL pages.

If you are new to hexaphony, please read this page.


6Appeal review by Wayne Scott Joness

Wayne Scott Joness has prepared a dedicated web page for 6Appeal and published there some reviews about the device: https://www.joness.com/gr300/spicetone-6appeal-polyfuzz-distortion-pedal.htm We hope the reviews by native English speaking person will help people better understand 6Appeal features. Thanks Wayne for the effort.


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