Gunnar Backman Brakophonic

It is always nice to get positive feedback from users. Here is an email from Gunnar Backman Brakophonic, guitarist from Sweden:


I hope to find you well.
I need to tell how great the pedal is!
It’s really amazing.
I haven’t really got round to dig deeper until now.

Short clip Spicetone

Spicetone 6appeal – Lead Foot LFV-2 – Red Panda Particle v2 – Zoom Multi Stomp MS-70 CDR – tc electronic Ditto X4 Looper straight to DAW
No amp or speaker simulation.

Normal eq- comp in the mix no other effects added.


The loop is a hex PUpatch and the lead is a mono PU overdrive.

The spicetone impresses me more and more

I will record a sologuitar/loop album this later part of the winter.

Thank you very much for this unit.

Regards Gunnar Backman

You may read more about Gunnar Backman from an interview with him and listen to his music in Bandcamp.

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