Big Muff vs 6Appeal

Tested our 6Appeal versus legendary Big Muff by Electro Harmonix. Tried to dial in as similar sound as possible, the only difference being hexaphony (polyphonic distortion). Ain’t saying one is better than other,  but there sure is a big difference in terms of harmonic content. Amp’s reverb is turned to zero but you still might hear it a bit. I play clean-Muff-6Appeal sequences. Not a guitar hero or sound master, sorry:) The guitar is a standard Godin electric with built in divided piezo pickups with 13pin output. The signal is analog all the way until MOTU soundcard.

Here’s the Hohner Orgaphon 41MH. It has 2×10″ Eminence Deltalites and a 1×12″ cab with Eminence Delta.

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