Mr Steve Hackett, one of the greatest guitar players of all times, gave a superb concert in Tallinn. Good old Genesis stuff, excellent backing band, Nokia Concert Hall fully packed, people standing up and applauding for ages.

We had a unique opportunity to meet Steve in backstage. Rein gave him a little souvenir from Tallinn – a signed 6Appeal pedal from Spicetone. Steve gave it a try immediately.

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New Shiny Case

Protolab is redesigning our case. It will be neater, slimmer, lighter and, surprisingly so, even more tougher than the previous version. Even though “built like a tank” is an overexploited term for a guitar effect box, it’s still a very suitable way to put it… Conventional guitar effect companies never show you the “kitchen”, but we are not conventional. Here are the photos:


We’re in Chinese news


2014-02-27 17:09   文章来源:驻爱沙尼亚经商参处

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    据爱沙尼亚BBN通讯社2月25日报道,英国广播公司(BBC)近日推出的一期名为“下一个硅谷(Next Silicon Valleys)”的节目向观众介绍了各个国家的创新企业和创新活动。在介绍爱沙尼亚时,BBC将其称之为“科技巨人”、“波罗的海的硅谷”。该节目向观众介绍了爱虚拟试衣公司Fits.me,无中间费用的国际支付公司TransferWise,世界上最大的在线游戏编程公司Playtech以及世界上最著名的通讯软件公司Skype。




We’re on BBC

BBC came to see Spicetone and Stigobike. Here’s the story with video and text:  “Next Silicon Valleys: Small Estonia has big ideas”

Many thanks to Janek the guitarist, Priit from Garage48/Mooncascade and to Nigel and Tracey from the British Broadcasting Corporation!

Special thanks to Nigel for giving us the punchline: “If Bob Dylan would have had one of these, when he went electric!”

And cheers for the Estonian Independence Day (24 Feb)!


1980s Rock

We checked out if the prototype is capable of rocking like back in 1980s. And sure it is;) This time one mic per track, the proto through Vahur’s antique Hohner Orgaphon 41MH (seen on the photo – btw, sorry for the pillow there, Vahur sometimes sleeps next to a vintage all tube amp). Continue reading “1980s Rock”

Si Bheag Si Mhor

Hi there! Our mate Kessu played a fine tune that demonstrates the superb dynamics of the true analog circuit. As far as we knew, it was a great Scottish ballad but the title was gone with the wind… But as it appeared, it was an Irish tune after all! Shame on us. And thanks to Mr Munro for letting us know that it is actually an old Irish folk tune by Turlough O’Carolan called “Si Bheag Si Mhor”