1..2..3.. Start!

6Appeal is ready to ship. We have tested it for several months, including on stage situation, and are confident to start sales now. Sorry for the delay!

Here it is:


We are also featured in Effects Database:


NB! If you missed the pre registration offer of 15% discount, drop us a line (customer@spicetone.com) – we can still give you 10% off – this is valid until we have sold the first batch.

That’s one huge step for a company, a giant leap for guitar players on Earth!

Hexaphonic Nylon Overdrive

Update: we were three days late of the official launch date, so we could finish final testing – but 6Appeal is live, launched, public and ready to ship!

Second of all, wow, what a bluesman can do with nylon strings and hexaphonic overdrive! Check out the video. it’s a Godin Multiac Nylon with 6Appeal. Maybe you can see that next to Mr Aapo Ilves there’s a box of 6Appeal cases – we have started the assembly already and currently in pre release testing.

6Appeal is on the gate already, waiting to get on the road to you. Check out the user manual for details:

6Appeal User Manual (version 08) (PDF)


Ready to Launch! Last chance for discount!

We received the first sales batch of finished cases. The PCB-s and other components are ready. We will finish some tiny things on controller software this week. Assembly and final testing will start next week. We are launching 10 August the latest. Now it’s the last chance to preregister, to earn 15% off plus a 6m long high quality 13pin to 13pin cable. The preregistration will probably close 27 July!

And here’s our designer Alar Kriisa posing with 6Appeal.

Anyway, here’s Alar performing with his band in a major TV show. 6Appeal wasn’t stage ready when the video was made – but it would fit nicely with blues.

Big Muff vs 6Appeal

Tested our 6Appeal versus legendary Big Muff by Electro Harmonix. Tried to dial in as similar sound as possible, the only difference being hexaphony (polyphonic distortion). Ain’t saying one is better than other,  but there sure is a big difference in terms of harmonic content. Amp’s reverb is turned to zero but you still might hear it a bit. I play clean-Muff-6Appeal sequences. Not a guitar hero or sound master, sorry:) The guitar is a standard Godin electric with built in divided piezo pickups with 13pin output. The signal is analog all the way until MOTU soundcard. Continue reading “Big Muff vs 6Appeal”

First Video of 6Appeal in Action

Upgraded a brand new Squier with Roland GK pickup in “wrong” position, where there’s real sound. No intention to use it for MIDI tracking, though I should give it a try. The song is a rather common A minor jam I invented on the fly (“Spring is too Quick”) is the title:P

The guitar still needs some intonation work and I didn’t bother too much on getting the mics right, not to mention my sloppy playing. It’s Hohner MH41 tube amp, 210 with diy 112 cabinet, two Shure mics. And 6Appeal hexaphonic overdrive.

Three layers – cleaner track, some soloing with high resonance filter settings (sustain on low volume), and some modulations to spice it up. Electribe for beat and Cort Action for bass.

Yours, Vahur from Spicetone