First Video of 6Appeal in Action

Upgraded a brand new Squier with Roland GK pickup in “wrong” position, where there’s real sound. No intention to use it for MIDI tracking, though I should give it a try. The song is a rather common A minor jam I invented on the fly (“Spring is too Quick”) is the title:P

The guitar still needs some intonation work and I didn’t bother too much on getting the mics right, not to mention my sloppy playing. It’s Hohner MH41 tube amp, 210 with diy 112 cabinet, two Shure mics. And 6Appeal hexaphonic overdrive.

Three layers – cleaner track, some soloing with high resonance filter settings (sustain on low volume), and some modulations to spice it up. Electribe for beat and Cort Action for bass.

Yours, Vahur from Spicetone

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