6APPEAL discussion

If you happens to own or have considered to own our hexaphonic distortion pedal 6APPEAL, please let us know your ideas about the device:

  • what do you like most?
  • what do you dislike?
  • what do you think the device lacks most?

Spicetone is considering a new hexaphonic processing module, which hopefully will enlarge also 6APPEAL functionality. We appreciate your input about possible implementation ideas.

3 Replies to “6APPEAL discussion”

  1. Let me start the discussion myself. Lately vguitarforums.com member Brak(E)man left three wishes for 6APPEAL:

    – The possibility to adjust string input balance.
    This actually is in our ToDo list – many customers have requested that. To be honest, a quite simple thing to implement.

    – The GK out should be switchable to through.
    We can’t do GK out switchable by hardware limitations. But, we plan to do a through hex output to our next device, which most logically is going to sit before 6Apppeal in the effects chain

    – MIDI in out via the USB interface for use with Daws etc
    Also in our ToDo list. Just, we do not have a clear understanding how much effort the implementation takes with our micro controller

  2. I own the APPEAL and have used it for over a year now.

    Likes: Variety of sounds. Filter effects. MIDI control.

    Dislike: Interface – clever but not easy to learn or remember. 13-Pin Out is not useful.

    Lacks most: Easy to understand front panel.

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