6APPEAL discussion

If you happens to own or have considered to own our hexaphonic distortion pedal 6APPEAL, please let us know your ideas about the device:

  • what do you like most?
  • what do you dislike?
  • what do you think the device lacks most?

Spicetone is considering a new hexaphonic processing module, which hopefully will enlarge also 6APPEAL functionality. We appreciate your input about possible implementation ideas.

Desirable Hexaphonic Effects

What are the types of effects which may have most value when implemented as analog hexaphonic modules?

Please leave you ideas/comments below. Feel free to think every kind of signal processing as an effect, not depending on complexity of the implementation. For instance, let’s consider string panning in stereo field also as an effect. In line with phaser, tremolo, reverb… Also whatever kind of modulations – envelopes, LFOs, etc. No limitations, a true brainstorm – nothing is wrong!

Spicetone is considering a new hexaphonic processing module – your input may have exceptional valuable for the final implementation.