Desirable Hexaphonic Effects

What are the types of effects which may have most value when implemented as analog hexaphonic modules?

Please leave you ideas/comments below. Feel free to think every kind of signal processing as an effect, not depending on complexity of the implementation. For instance, let’s consider string panning in stereo field also as an effect. In line with phaser, tremolo, reverb… Also whatever kind of modulations – envelopes, LFOs, etc. No limitations, a true brainstorm – nothing is wrong!

Spicetone is considering a new hexaphonic processing module – your input may have exceptional valuable for the final implementation.

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    1. I second that request! Ideally it would be a hexaphonic version of the now discontinued Antares Autotune for Guitar, a brilliant concept but with only a mono instead of hex output!

  1. 1. Pitch detection with oscillator output (triangle, sine, pulse, saw). Like a hexaphonic version of Roland/BOSS synths, but without the guitar modeling.

    2. Hexaphonic version of Rockman Sustainor: Preamp, Compression, EQ, Noise Gate, Variable Distortion, Post-EQ

    3. Hexaphonic analog voltage-controlled modulation: Chorus, Delay

    4. Hexaphonic analog voltage-controlled filter (LP, BP, HP)

    Ideally all of these would be available as Eurorack modules as well!

  2. I’ve found that hex ring modulation is very effective and distinctly different from it’s mixed-string counterpart. Also very nice if you are using all analog circuit.

    Freeze. Individual string freeze is an amazingly powerful proposition. Difficult to do all analog, though.

    Envelope/AutoSwell/SlowGear/orADSR: On an individual string basis, amazingly powerful..and very different than the mixed string version. Great candidate for all analog.

  3. Have to say, one thing I like about my old Roland GR100 that the Spicetone doesn’t have is the filter set up. Even though the old Roland unit doesn’t have a hex filter its autowah effect with hex distortion is great. A flexible and powerful filter was a key component in many old school analogue synths. My vote would be for w Spicetone with hex filters.

  4. The following suggestions may be more suitable for a revamped or deluxe version of the 6appeal than a completely new unit.

    I’d like access to wackier fuzz sounds. Per-string octavia-style analog octave fuzz. Per-string ‘dying battery’ fuzz (like e.g. the Earthquaker Devices Erupter). Hex ring mod would also be nice, as VanceG suggested. Unfortunately the market for these sorts of effects would probably be limited.

    A 6appeal-style pedal with per-string noise gate (something Peter Knoot mentioned) would also be very useful. I’m sure this effect can already be achieved with the 6appeal in combination with a midi ‘pluck detector’ like the Fishman TriplePlay. But this takes a lot of work to set up, and until you do, the more extreme dirt settings on the 6appeal are prohibitively noisy.

  5. Please add a impulse response (user uploadable)block to each string to be able to load an IR body of a violin, cello, acoustic guitar (or a mix of them:cello on E and A string and
    violin on D G B E.
    Combined with pitchshifting would give great possibilities.
    Maybe also Physical Modeling through combfilters?

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