All You Need to Know about Multichannel Guitar

We have published a white paper, explaining the concept of hexaphonic processing and polyphonic distortion. The paper is focused on the technology behind Spicetone’s 6APPEAL™ hexaphonic guitar pedal. The 13 page illustrated paper is free to download as a pdf file:


Hexaphony is one of the very few underexploited innovations that guitar players have yet to discover. The cutting edge of the technology is to combine fully analog sound with post processing capabilites in a digital audio workstation like Ableton Live, Cubase, or Logic Pro. Along with the white paper, a series of short demo videos are published in Youtube. Continue reading “All You Need to Know about Multichannel Guitar”

Multichannel Guitar: Standard Godin Synth Access and GK-3 Divided Pickup

We invited our friend Mart Pauklin over to shoot some quick demos. Thanks Mart! Only standard gear used, no boutique hand made pickups or strange pickup positioning.

First of all a jolly Fernandes guitar with a Roland GK-3 pickup system attached. No permanent modification need, not a scrath on the guitar. And the positioning of the pickup is standard, close to the bridge. The sound a is rather thin in that position, but this is not the end of the world! Just plug it to our 6Appeal analog distortion/overdrive, and switch on our Root Boost circuit that adds tons of fundamental harmonics.

So, a divided pickup (hex or hexaphonic pickup) is not only for MIDI syntheziser and so on, but it also opens up the gates to multichannel guitar processing! In this video, the strings are panned in stereo; you don’t have to pan it so hard, but this time I did just to make the difference.

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Fantastic Metaphors:)

It appears we’ve made the Mercedes of Hex Fuzz Boxes. Really impressive way to make a compliment here on Carvin Forum:


We are flattered! Thank you!

PS Hopefully it’s OK that I copy the original text:

“There’s a reason Roland’s GR-D hex distortion is being blown out for $99. The GR-S is a steal at that price to me, but many think of the D as the far weaker twin of the two.

But, you say you want SERIOUS HEX DISTORTION done the RIGHT WAY? Are you addicted to the BEST? Do you get to screen your credit card bills before your wife sees them???
Look no further:

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Boutique hexaphonic pickup in action

Mr Mart Pauklin jamming with hexaphonic analog distortion effect pedal 6Appeal (by us, Spicetone), using an ESP Viper equipped with a handwound hexaphonic pickup by Luthier Halvo Liivamägi.

It’s a direct recording through a MOTU soundcard. Panning and cabinet models are applied in DAW (Ableton Live).

Me gusta aunque no sepa usarlo

I’m not too good with Spanish language, but it seems these guys like us. Muchas gracias!


– Bueno mas que overdrive, es un fuzz, polifónico, con octavas muy parecido a lo que obtienes con el microsynth de ehx, dije similar, en realidad el demo me recordó al efecto en el sinte de Jump, la marca es de Estonia, esta muy bien logrado, es para música experimental, a algunos les podría interesar.

– Se ve chingòn, aunque algo aparatoso pero obligadamente estético, nada mal.

– El diseño está mamalon, me gusta aunque no sepa usarlo…


– esta shido para experimentar y explorar sonidos mientras se aprende a usarlo aunque eso puede llevar buen rato.