Fantastic Metaphors:)

It appears we’ve made the Mercedes of Hex Fuzz Boxes. Really impressive way to make a compliment here on Carvin Forum:


We are flattered! Thank you!

PS Hopefully it’s OK that I copy the original text:

“There’s a reason Roland’s GR-D hex distortion is being blown out for $99. The GR-S is a steal at that price to me, but many think of the D as the far weaker twin of the two.

But, you say you want SERIOUS HEX DISTORTION done the RIGHT WAY? Are you addicted to the BEST? Do you get to screen your credit card bills before your wife sees them???
Look no further:


Impressively pricey at $595, but built by crazed artists chasing rainbow ponies in the clouds.
From Estonia, no less.

Features a fully analog signal path of fuzz tones with hex string separations and processing. For the right person, this is IT, MAN!

It brings a tear to my eye for the sheer artistry of the effort. It’s like reconnecting with your high school buddies to work up a version of Free Bird that takes you weeks to get right only to play it once at a back yard barbecue with your wives admiring and your kids holding their ears.

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