6Appeal Makes a Great Companion for A Singer/Songwriter

A real world proof that 6Appeal hexaphonic overdrive can really fill the background for a solo singer to stand out. I mean, acoustic guitar would be great, too, but it never really fills the stage. It’s one take, except a brief solo.

The Song: “If Your Soul is Tender”, music by Kristel Mägedi, lyrics by Latvian poet Eduards Veidenbaums (1867-1892), translation by Margus “Contra” Konnula.

There’s some post processing effect on Kristel’s vocal and a very brief guitar solo recorded afterwards (Thanks, Eero!). All the modulated vibe and tremolo comes from 6Appeal.

Spicetone’s 6Appeal hexaphonic overdrive pedal used by folk-punk singer Kristel Mägedi. The guitar is equipped with Roland GK hexaphonic pickup. Hohner Orgaphon 41MH tube amp. A bunch of mics.

And the guitar is a Fender Squier, equipped with GK3 pickup.

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